Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spare Tire Usage on 2005 and Newer Dodge Caravan and

The Stow and Go spare tire found on most 2005 and 2006 Dodge Caravan and
Chrysler Town and Country models in unconventional in several respects and not very
user-friendly! The instructions as found in the owner’s manual must be followed completely and accurately to make the process work easily. In addition, all standard tire changing safety precautions must be followed:
• Be sure that the vehicle is in a safe, stable and relatively level location to allow
jacking and tire changing. If not, the vehicle should be towed.
• Place a chock under the wheel diagonally opposite from the flat tire location.
• Jack the vehicle only at the approved jacking locations. In this case, the jack
should be placed at the notched areas near the front and rear ends of the pinch
welds beneath the rocker panels.
To use the Stow and Go spare, proceed as follows:
First, the tool pouch must be removed. The pouch is located behind and to the left
of the jack, inside the compartment at the rear of the left wheel well in the rear cargo
Remove and assemble the three-piece tire and jacking tool. Place the plastic tool
section to form a “T” handle to release the spare tire. Insert the tool into the opening in
the floor, located at the front of the console between the two front seats.

Turn the tool counter-clockwise approximately 33 turns until it becomes harder to move.
The spare tie is now fully lowered and ready to retrieve from under the vehicle.
If necessary, jack the car to provide enough room to slide the spare out from
underneath. The tire may be removed from either the driver’s or passenger’s side.
Remove the plastic piece from the tool and install it lengthwise to form a hook at one
end. Then, use the tool to drag the tire and cover assembly completely out from under the
To remove the tire from the cover and cable, stand the tire vertically and squeeze
in the two retaining clips located on the outside center of the wheel. (See figure 4.) Then
slip the retainer and cable through the wheel to the inside. The tire will not slip freely out
of the cover.
The full-size flat tire removed from the vehicle will not fit into the cover and
under-body storage area. The cover and removed tire and wheel must be stowed in the
rear cargo area until the spare is removed.
To retract the cable assembly, reinstall the plastic piece to form a “T” handle and
reinsert it into the floor opening used for lowering. Turn the tool clockwise
approximately 34 turns until it becomes harder to move. The cable is now fully stowed
under the floor.

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